The “magic” I am experiencing thanks to Bitcoin and TenX

There are things that will never stop surprising me. I am a 43 years old geek, always with the latest gadget in my hands, and yet time to time I stop and look at my iPhone thinking how much technology fits in so little space, how mind blowing is an iPhone looking at it with the eyes of a geek from 1990. It looks like magic, yet the best tech magic I have experienced lately, thanks to Bitcoin, is way closer to actual magic!

Haven’t we always dreamed of a wallet that keeps having money in it, no matter how much we spend? A bottomless credit card? Well, thanks to Bitcoin and TenX this is happening to me!

I love the idea of Bitcoin and other crypto to be a daily mean of payment, rather than a speculation tool. For this reason I am a big supporter of merchants that accept Bitcoin payments, hoping that a day they will be able to pay their employees in Bitcoin. As it is complicated for a merchant to set up all they need to accept payments in crypto currencies, I am a big supporters of those prepaid debit cards that accept crypto currencies as deposit. Rather than leaving in the card a deposit in USD or EUR, I can transfer some BTC to the card Bitcoin address, and use the card to pay at any merchant that accepts VISA or MasterCard, in any country of the world, with no worries of what currency the merchant uses.

Those cards are accompanied by a mobile app that show your current balance, in the (crypto) currency one prefers. I chose to see my balance in USD, as most of the expenses I do with those cards are in USD (for example I use a card to pay for online purchased and Nintendo Switch games to be downloaded in my kids consoles).

Well, you may ask, where is the magic?

I leave a balance of USD1000 per card. Those aren’t really USD, those are a portion of a Bitcoin that is worth USD1000 at the moment I make the deposit. I then use the card to shop. Let say I spend USD100 to buy a couple of games for my kid’s Nintendo Switch. I am supposed to be left with USD900 of balance in my card, right? Wrong! BTC value keeps going up, and thus next time I look at the balance, it is still at USD1000, or often it is even higher! It is already a few month that I am blessed by this “magic”! I spend and my USD balance, when I check it, rather than going down it goes up!

Now, while I am still mind blown by the amount of powerful technology in my iPhone (and in my Samsung S7, for par condicio), the idea that I been so blessed to be part of this financial revolution from almost day 1 is priceless.

I have (or so it feels) what has been the dream of a lifetime: a bottomless credit card!

Disclaimer: while I am not associated with TenX, they are friends. They are amazing people, and?—?beside the card?—?they are doing amazing stuff that will make Blockchain mainstream. This article came in my mind because it is something I wanted to share, I don’t intend to advertise the TenX card that you can order at—?LOL just joking. TenX is not the only card in the market that does this: I have and use also Mobi, and I am ordering a few more.

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