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This week video is: Eradicating Poverty with Blockchain | BlockTalk #6

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How can blockchain change poverty? The lack of trust and thereby of trade financing in developing economies leads to extreme resource scarcity and an inability for economic growth. Vally Azar, VP of Growth at Kommerce, shares his insights on this matter and outlines how blockchain bridges the gap and allows money to flow in and kickstart healthy capitalism. He also introduces his Kommerce project and how their live pilot on the Ethereum testnet is already reducing poverty and hunger in Africa through blockchain technology.

ABOUT VALLY AZAR: Vally is a full-stack growth engineer, blockchain geek, and nomad with a decade of experience in growing startups (6 of which were in blockchain). He worked on two world-record-breaking ICOs (Golem & Bancor), presented hour-long talks to audiences of hundreds, and co-founded active blockchain meetup groups in Bali and Singapore. He has contributed writing to leading publications including Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Men’s Fitness Magazine, and Yahoo News. Vally is skilled at user-funnel data analysis, copywriting and guerilla marketing, publicity stunts, process automation, and living out of a carry-on backpack.

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ABOUT KOMMERCE: Kommerce deploys blockchain and data analysis to empower African businesses to access capital markets – and for capital markets to safely and efficiently finance African businesses.

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