BlockBack Tuesday #004

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This week video is: Blockchain Adoption in Retail | Brandon Burgason | BBH#20

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As the world becomes more technologically advanced, our industries are forced to adapt. The retail industry is particularly vulnerable to changes in technology. Join us for another episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype where we explore how blockchain will disrupt the retail industry.

In this episode, we interview Brandon Burgason, Founder and CEO of Mobie and MobiePay. We discussed topics such as:

  • Current challenges in the retail industry
  • How blockchains lower the cost of settlement for retail payments
  • Why they chose Stellar instead of ERC-20 for their token.

Read the full interview here:…

Blockchain Beyond Hype is a series of interviews with blockchain experts and technology professionals from all across the globe about blockchain projects, challenges, innovations and the future of blockchain within the blockchain jungle!

  • Brandon Burgason, Founder and CEO of Mobie and MobiePay
    As Founder and CEO of Mobie and MobiePay, he is on a mission to adopt a global payment gateway based on blockchain technology and bridge the gap between digital and local currencies enabling a revolutionary new payment standard. Previously, Brandon spent over 10 years in the finance and technology industries. His extensive career has enabled a unique vantage point for disrupting the cryptocurrency payments space.

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