BlockBack Tuesday #005

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This week video is: Why Proof of Work Is a Wrong Method to Secure Blockchain

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Blockchains use consensus mechanisms in order to secure the network. Bitcoin uses Proof of Work which has been very successful. However, there are newer consensus mechanisms being developed all the time. Each consensus mechanism has its own tradeoffs. It’s important to understand which consensus mechanism to choose for a specific use case.

Watch the 11th episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype with Roberto Capodieci, Founder and CEO of Blockchain Zoo who talks about Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, and other consensus mechanisms to secure a blockchain.

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Blockchain Beyond Hype is a series of interviews with blockchain experts and technology professionals from all across the globe about blockchain projects, challenges, innovations, and the future of blockchain within the blockchain jungle!

  • Roberto Capodieci, Founder & CEO at Blockchain Zoo
    Roberto discovered a passion for Information Technology at the tender age of 6 when, with the help of his father, he started to learn computer programming. By age 10 he had developed and sold his first video game. Four years later he began an entrepreneurship career when authorized by Italy’s court for minors, he opened his first IT company. In the formative years of the Internet, he expanded his business reach into the online world and quickly found his company’ services in great demand. Roberto, specialized in Lawful Interception systems and big data analysis, is also a consultant to law enforcement agencies. Moved to Asia in 2004, Roberto was a member of the Nxt Foundation, and now he’s a founder and CEO of the Blockchain Zoo Association, and creator of the Decentralised Business Network open platform.
  • Laksmini Wiyantini, BBH Host at Blockchain Zoo
    Laksmini has been interested in the blockchain technology since she moved from the US back to Indonesia. Her curiosity and vast knowledge of the disruptive technology brought her to Blockchain Zoo where she became the host of our interview series.

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