BlockBack Tuesday #014

Weekly we propose videos from Blockchain Zoo youtube archive!
This week video is: Why does ZooBC blockchain use a Proof of Participation algorithm?

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All blockchains need to be protected in some way. Proof of Work tends to become centralized into mining pools. Proof of Stake tends to become centralized in the hands of the wealthy. In an effort to reduce the risk of centralization, we created a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Participation (PoP). As Roberto (Founder & CEO) and Barton (Co-founder and CTO) explain in this video, the goal is to equally distribute rewards to all people who are actively participating in the network. By increasing decentralization, we will achieve increased security.

ZooBC is a global, open-source blockchain platform and community providing developers with tools for building decentralized applications. Created by Blockchain Zoo, the platform brings decentralization to new generations by advancing the blockchain technology.

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