BlockBack Tuesday #017

Weekly we propose videos from Blockchain Zoo youtube archive!
This week video is: How Node Registration and Participation in ZooBC Work

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In order to participate in ZooBC blockchain, there are 4 basic rules which need to be followed:

  1. Anyone holding some tokens can register a node.
  2. The rate at which nodes can be registered is limited.
  3. Some tokens must be locked by the user in order to register a node.
  4. A user’s account can register only one node.

This mechanism works tightly together with the Proof of Participation consensus algorithm, to secure the network for all participants, and create competition between users to remain in the registry.

What should you do to participate in ZooBC?

  • Install the node on a server with a public IP address
  • Run the node to download the blockchain.
  • Acquire some ZooBC tokens.
  • Register your node by using the wallet app.

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