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This week video is: Custody Services for Digital Assets | Alexandre Kech | BBH#12

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Technology, security, and compliance – these are the main barriers standing between digital assets and asset custodians. Traditional asset custodians simply are not equipped to manage digital assets with as much confidence as they have in bonds, cash, real estate, equity shares, and other legacy financial vehicles. Alexandre Kech and Onchain Custodian are trying to change that.

On the new episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we sat down with the Onchain Custodian CEO to discuss his past experience in the financial industry, what drew him to the Blockchain world, and the many challenges ahead for digital asset advocates and the financial sector writ large.

But, as Alexandre notes, the global financial sector is actually going through a lot of change – digital and otherwise – and there are reasons to be optimistic about the future of crypto, digital assets, and the regulatory and industrial frameworks that can be built to scale.

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Blockchain Beyond Hype is a series of interviews with blockchain experts and technology professionals from all across the globe about blockchain projects, challenges, innovations and the future of blockchain within the blockchain jungle!

BBH Guest

  • Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian
    Alexandre has spent more than 20 years dealing with the capital market. He left the role of Head of Securities & FX Asia at SWIFT to stay on top of a changing reality of the financial world and work with custody services for digital assets. He believes that tokenization of economy and capital market through blockchain is the evolutionary stage for banking and financial services. His current focus is on launching a global Digital Asset Custody business in Singapore.

BBH Host

  • Laksmini Wiyantini, BBH Host at Blockchain Zoo
    Laksmini has been interested in the blockchain technology since she moved from the US back to Indonesia. Her curiosity and vast knowledge of the disruptive technology brought her to Blockchain Zoo where she became the host of our interview series.

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