1 May 1986: Friday Past reads 001

Searching online for news articles written by or about me I stumbled upon a rare find: while this is not properly a news article, it is a testimony of what I used to read in 1986, when I was still 11 years old! It is an ad I placed in a magazine to learn electronics where I meant to trade some computer things. I have to thank archive.org (the Way Back Machine) for collecting and OCRring old magazines from around the world so that searching for my name brought this up!

PERMUTO due giochi in “card raige” (super smace “tennis” e poker) e tre cassette di program con cinque giochi a cassetta il tutto per Vic 20 on cambio di una espansione per Vic 20, in buono stato.
CAPODIECI ROBERTO – Tel. (041) 985434
I TRADE two cartridge games (Super Smash “tennis” and Poker) and three data cassettes by “Program” with five games each, all for Vic 20, in exchange for a [memory] expansion for Vic 20, in good state.
CAPODIECI ROBERTO – Tel.(041) 985434

It is so cute how either me or the person that typed the ad in the magazine spelled “cartridge” as “card raise” and “super smash” as “super smace”. Maybe worth to find out if ads were dictated over the phone or sent in in writing via letter. As I was a young software developer, I do believe I had to put a lot of attention into spelling, as a small mistake would make a piece of software not compile. So, am I the one to blame for the bad spelling? Who knows.

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Elettronica Pratica

Download the PDF with the scan of this number of the magazine, and you can find my ad on page 309 (page 54 of the PDF)

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