BlockBack Tuesday #063

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This week video is: Blockchain in Cleantech | Matthew Vitamante | BBH#2

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Blockchain with its broad range of applications has the potential to be a catalyst for innovation in the cleantech sector. We talked with the sustainability and clean technology expert from California Global Innovation Exchange, Matthew Vitamante about corporate venture investments in cleantech startups.

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Blockchain Beyond Hype is a series of interviews with blockchain experts and technology professionals from all across the globe about blockchain projects, challenges, innovations and the future of blockchain within the blockchain jungle!

BBH Guest

  • Matthew Vitamante, CEO at California Global Innovation Exchange
    Matthew is a venture consultant and investor advisor with expertise in cleantech and startups. He is a CEO of California Global Innovation Exchange, providing diverse and innovative investment structures and advising companies from the US and EU, that are transferring or expanding into Asia. He has been working with venture capital in various forms for over 20 years. In his earlier career, Matthew held senior positions in banks and enjoyed teaching as a Professor of MBA Business Program in Paris. His current business activities are focused on marrying CleanTech and Blockchain technology.

BBH Host

  • Laksmini Wiyantini, BBH Host at Blockchain Zoo
    Laksmini has been interested in the blockchain technology since she moved from the US back to Indonesia. Her curiosity and vast knowledge of the disruptive technology brought her to Blockchain Zoo where she became the host of our interview series.

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